Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Laser nail therapy is an effective way to treat fungal toenails. It improves the appearance of the nails in most patients. 

How the Laser Works

The laser works by penetrating the nail plate and destroys the fungus within the nail. The laser can get much deeper into the nail when compared to a topical product that is applied to the nail. It penetrates the nail deeply without causing some of the potential side effects of taking the oral medication.

What to Expect 

The toenails are evaluated to determine if the nails are indeed fungal. Not all thick and discolored toenails are fungal.

Thick toenails are thinned out using an electric nail bur. Each toe of the affected foot is treated with the laser. We do this even if there aren't visible signs of nail involvement. Only a warm sensation may be felt during the treatment.

We recommend that you purchase our post care treatment package to prevent reinfection following your laser treatment. This package includes an anti-fungal shoe spray, anti-fungal skin cream, and anti-fungal nail solution. 

It is also recommended that patients perform two types of treatments to clear the nail fungus. Treatment combinations that work directly on the nails may include.

1. Laser nail treatments with topical anti-fungal nail solution that is painted onto the nails daily.

2. Laser nail treatments with an oral anti-fungal pill that is taken once a day for 84 days.

The doctor will help you decide which combination is best for you.

How Many Treatments will be Needed

Most patients need 3 treatments. Using the post care kit consistently helps prevent the need for additional treatments. It may be recommended that some patients with resistant or significant nail involvement require more than 3 treatments for beneficial results.

How and When the Nails will Begin to Show Improvement

A clearer, healthier looking nail will begin to grow in from the base of the nail. The thick and discolored part of the toenail will gradually grow out and be clipped off with regular nail trimming. The speed of your visible results depends on how fast your nails grow. It will take about 3 months to begin to see a clearer nail growing in. Final results are noted in about 9 months. This is about how long it takes for the big toenail to grow from start to finish. Smaller toenails take less time.

Insurance Coverage

Your insurance will cover evaluation of the toenails to determine if they have fungus. This evaluation may be subject to your copay, deductible, and/or co-insurance. At the visit, it will be determined if you have nail fungus, permanent nail damage, compromised nail attachment, or several contributing factors. The actual laser nail treatment is not covered by insurance. The affected nail(s) is treated during 3 therapy sessions. The sessions are spaced 4 weeks apart. 

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